Affiliated Scholars

A primary mission of the Center is building a vibrant academic community at Columbia Law School of people interested in Japanese Law. An important component of that community, in addition to the J.D. and LL.M. students, are the scholars who are in residence for extended periods. These include visiting scholars from a wide variety of institutions and backgrounds and faculty from the University of Tokyo School of Law.

Visiting Scholars

Each year, academic researchers from Japan become affiliated with the Law School as visiting scholars. Practitioners and members of the judiciary who have completed the LL.M. degree at the Law School often affiliate for an additional year as special students.


Kohei Takata headshot

Kohei Takata Judge, Tokyo District Court. Judge Takata's area of research is the U.S. judicial system and criminal procedure.


Highlighted Former Visiting Scholars from Japan

Susumu Atsuki
Deputy Director General,
Inspection Bureau, Financial Services Agency
An analysis of the best future financial system in Japan

Yuji Kai
Assistant Judge, Chiba Family Court
A comparative study of the judicial system and trial practice in the U.S. and Japan

Reiko Kaihatsu
Assistant Judge, Saitama District Court
A study of the difference between the American jury trial and the Japanese saibam-in trial

Yusuke Nakai
Prosecutor, Ministry of Justice

An inspection of criminal law and procedure in the U.S., especially white-collar crime

Yoshiki Ogawa   
Judge, Tokyo District Court 
A study of scheduling order and case management in the U.S. legal system

Tadakatsu Sano
Attorney, Jones Day; former vice minister of International Affairs (METI)
Research into government regulations, the WTO, and regulatory reform.

Asako Hirata, 2009-2010

Masahiko Ishida, 2009-2010

Yuji Kai, 2009-2010

Yusuke Nakai, 2009-2010

Nanae McIlroy,  Spring 2009-Summer 2009

Kana Morimura,  Spring 2009    

Sun Hongxia,  Spring 2009

Issei Iwata, Fall 2009    

Yasuhiro Okudaira, Fall 2009 

Bo Hyuk Kim, 2008-2009

Takashi Maruta, 2008-2009

Kana Morimura, 2008-2009

Yoshio Ohara, 2008-2009 

Eugenio Battesini, Spring 2008    

Sei Jin Jung, Spring 2008 

Keizo Sakata, Fall 2008 

Shuichi Nezaki, 2007-2008

Etsuko Sugiyama, 2007-2008

Toshiyuki Tamai, 2007-2008

Keizo Sakata, Fall 2007 

Tomomi Kawasaki, Spring 2007  

Yasuyuki Kawabata, 2006-2007 

Yasuhiro Okudaira, Spring 2006    

Hyeok Joon Rho, Spring 2006

Simone di Castri, Spring 2006-Fall 2006

Susumu Atsuki, 2005-2006

Yasuhiro Okudaira, Fall 2005  

Hisakazu Hirose, Spring 2005

Keizo Sakata, Fall 2005  

Shiu-Mi Li, 2004-2005

Youngjae Lim, 2004-2005 

Daniel Foote, Spring 2004   

Yasuhiro Okudaira, Spring 2004    

Shozo Ota, Spring 2004    
Shigeki Morinobu, Fall 2004    

Keizo Sakata, Fall 2004    

Kazuo Sugeno, Fall 2004    

Shuichiro Hoshi, 2003-2004

Mayumi Takahashi, 2003-2004

Keizo Sakata, Fall 2003    

University of Tokyo Faculty Exchange Visitors

The Center also administers an annual faculty exchange program between Columbia Law School and the University of Tokyo Faculty of Law, under which two members of the faculty of each university teach at the other university for several weeks.

University of Tokyo Exchange Professors, 2018-2019

To be announced in fall of 2018.

Recent University of Tokyo Faculty Exchange Visitors

Daniele H. Foote headshot

Daniele H. Foote, currently Affiliate Professor of Law; Dan Fenno Henderson Professor Emeritus, University of Washington School of Law

Yoshimasa Furuta headshot

Yoshimasa Furuta, currently Partner, Anderson Mori & Tomotsune

Hisashi Harata headshot

Hisashi Harata, Professor of Law specializing in International Private Law and Conflict of Laws, University of Tokyo

Yasuo Hasebe headshot

Yasuo Hasebe, currently Professor of Law, Waseda University

Norio Higuchi headshot

Norio Higuchi, currently Professor of Law, Musashino University, Law Department

Yuji Iwasawa headshot

Yuji Iwasawa, Professor of International Law, University of Tokyo

Kentaro Matsubara headshot

Kentaro Matsubara, Professor of Oriental Legal History, University of Tokyo

Minoru Nakazato headshot

Minoru Nakazato, Professor of Law, Tax Law, University of Tokyo, Faculty of Law

Yoshihisa Nomi headshot

Yoshihisa Nomi, Professor of Law, University of Tokyo

Kazuo Ohtake headshot

Kazuo Ohtake, currently Advisor, Nagashima Ohno & Tsunematsu

Atsushi Omura headshot

Atsushi Omura, Professor of Civil Law, University of Tokyo

Shozo Ota headshot

Shozo Ota, Professor of Law, Society and Law, University of Tokyo, Faculty of Law

Yoshiko Terao Kakishima headshot

Yoshiko Terao Kakishima, Professor of Law, Anglo-American Law, University of Tokyo, Faculty of Law

Koji Teraya headshot

Koji Teraya, Professor of Law, International Law, International Human Rights Law, University of Tokyo