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The Center for Japanese Legal Studies is the only center of its kind in the United States. The Center actively promotes research on Japanese law, aided by the country’s premier collection of Japanese legal materials.  The Center also strives to be the principal source of intellectual exchange between the legal professions of the United States and Japan. For a quick overview of our programs, please see our newsletters.

Nobuhisa Ishizuka
Meet the Executive Director

Learn more about Mr. Nobuhisa Ishizuka, the Center's Executive Director.

Japanese Ministry of Justice
Why Is Carlos Ghosn Afraid of the Japanese Justice System?
Center Executive Director Nobuhisa Ishizuka explains in a recent NYT opinion and on the BBC World Service.
Conference Explores Constitutional Reform in Japan

The Center for Japanese Legal Studies held a conference on March 13, 2019, called "Constitutional Reform in Japan -- Prospects, Process and Implications." You can also find out more about the conference, including audio recordings, and read about Center activity highlights.


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The Center for Japanese Legal Studies periodically describes important events in the form of a pamphlet.

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The best way to find out about the activities of the Center for Japanese Legal Studies is to read our newsletters, which outline key events, visits by eminent scholars, and highlight the important work of the center.