The Center for Japanese Legal Studies is proud of its active alumni network of more than 400 professionals in Japan, which serves as a valuable resource for the Law School and its students.

Fumihide Sugimoto

These graduates (both Japanese LL.M.s and non-Japanese J.D.s and LL.M.s) work in Japan as lawyers, academics, judges, and government officials, and have been instrumental in the evolving practice and teaching of law in Japan.

In spring of 2009, Fumihide Sugimoto LL.M. ’93, a partner with Nagashima Ohno & Tsunematsu, became the president of our Japan alumni association. Sugimoto works with the center to maintain the Law School’s close connection to its network of alumni in Japan. The Center for Japanese Legal Studies extends sincere gratitude to Sugimotosensei for volunteering his valuable time and talents in the service of our community.

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Photos of the Tokyo Alumni Reception 2018.

Photos of Tokyo Alumni Reception 2017